Miner 1.03

Clear the minefield to raise a smile


  • Extremely addictive
  • Three difficulty settings
  • Adjust menu display size


  • Graphics aren't very imaginative
  • You can't customize the gameboard


The inclusion of Minesweeper in Windows has led to the late delivery of many a homework assignment or work report.

The dangerously addictive game is now available for Pocket PC, in the shape of Miner. The game is virtually a direct port of the original Minesweeper, where your objective is to identify the mines and clear all the squares on the board in the quickest time possible.

Miner is pretty simple to play with the stylus. You just select the flag or detonate tool by clicking on the appropriate icon, then tap the squares on the board that you want to mark or explode.

There are three different difficulty levels to choose from in Miner, although unfortunately, you can't customize your own grids or define the number of mines you want to hide, as you can do in some other Minesweeper clones. Other features include the ability to set the menu size, and a 'Champions' section, which gives you the top times in each difficulty category.

It would've been nice to see some extra functions, such as in-game hints or a history log of your performances over time.

That said, if you're looking for a simple, no-frills Minesweeper fix, Miner matches up to the original Windows version very well.



Miner 1.03

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